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Making the Most of Long Summer Days: expert tips for the perfect day out in the mountains or countryside.

21 June 2019

With the longest day now upon us, many will make the most of the extra daylight and head out to enjoy Snowdonia’s countryside and uplands – be it a full day on the mountains, or a couple of hours of fresh air after a day in the office.

Here are some tips by our Warden Service on how to enjoy Snowdonia’s countryside and mountains safely…

1. The right gear

So that you are set to go when the opportunity arises, why not gather all your gear beforehand, so that all you need to do once you have planned your walk is fill up your water bottle and throw some food into your rucksack (not forgetting your sunscreen and hat on a sunny day of course)! You can find comprehensive information on what you will need by following this link

2. Check the weather forecast (for the summit!)

Keep up to date with the weather forecast when organising your walk – the Met Office website provides a detailed forecast for the summits, but it’s important to note that it will be quite a bit colder up on the mountains, and that the weather can change quickly, so it’s best to wear layers of clothing and carry a waterproof coat and trousers. If the weather conditions change beyond your ability then its best to turn back.

3. Fully charge your battery, and always take a map and compass!

The range of smartphone Apps available means that maps and walking guides are now conveniently available at our fingertips. Although this is a good thing, you are not guaranteed a signal in the countryside. The good thing about the old fashioned paper map and compass is that they never run out of charge or lose signal – so it’s a good idea to carry these too just in case!

4. Well fitting footwear

Nothing ruins a good day’s walking than a painful blister on your foot, or worse still – a slip or fall. Keep your feet nice and comfy by wearing well fitting footwear, with good ankle support if you’re heading for the mountains.

5. Take a torch and a whistle…just in case

If you are going out for an evening walk, remember to time your walk carefully, and take a torch with you in case you fail to make it back before it gets dark. Did you know that the international distress signal is 6 short flashes or whistle blows, repeated after a minute interval?

6. Plan your walk beforehand

If you would like suggestions for a variety of walking routes in Snowdonia then why not visit our Walking page, where you can find comprehensive information about all kinds of walks across Snowdonia – from sort walks, perfect for a fine evening and leisure routes for the whole family, to more challenging routes for the more adventurous amongst you.

7. Choose a route that suits the ability and skill level of the entire group

To help you decide on a route that suits the ability of both yourself and your companions, all of our promoted walks have been graded. Follow this link for more information about the definition of each ‘grading’.

The most important thing for you to do is to enjoy, and take your time to appreciate this wonderful corner of Wales. So how about it?