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9 May 2016

Rhys Wheldon-Roberts – Assistant Warden on Snowdon – has been working with a group of volunteers who came all the way from New York University in America.

Recently we went a bit international in the Snowdonia National Park by welcoming a group of students from New York University! The students came to Snowdonia as part of a cultural trip to see and understand more about Wales’ nature, history and culture. As part of the trip they had a day of volunteering with Snowdonia National Park. Carwyn and I took the students to cut Rhododendron in the Nantgwynant valley (near Beddgelert). The students were a very enthusiastic group and we managed to clear a decent patch of Rhododendron away, so a big thanks from Carwyn and I to NYU for working so hard!

New York University volunteers clearing Rhodedendron

Volunteers from New York University clearing Rhododendron

Rhododendron is an invasive species in Snowdonia which outcompetes native vegetation and takes over vast swathes of land. As a result a great deal of native habitat is lost dealing a blow to local biodiversity. Significant efforts have been made in recent years to eradicate Rhododendron from Snowdonia, with large parts of Nantgwynant now clear.

The New York University volunteer team

The team of volunteers from New York University