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Pony Path Gates

1 March 2017

A recent project to replace some of the old standard gates on the Pony Path with new hand-crafted gates that are more in-keeping with the traditional mountain gates.

There have been a few changes to the furniture on the Pony Path, Ty Nant, over the recent winter. This path is one of the main paths to the summit of Cader Idris, and we decided to replace the old steel gates with new gates that would reflect a little on the heritage of the mountain.

Rather than simply purchasing standard gates from a supplier, we decided that it would be nice to have the new gates hand crafted to match the appearance of traditional gates. The new gates were hand crafted by a local blacksmith to the pattern of a traditional old iron gate on the side of the footpath. Due to the weight of the gates it was quite a struggle to transport them to site, and a lot of work for me and Meirion Edwards the estate worker to install the gates!

We hope that the new gates will last as long as the old traditional gate, they certainly look good on the path!

The Old Gate

The Old Gate

The New Gate

The First New Gate

This was the first gate that we installed. We had to re-drill the stones in the wall in order to install new gate hangers before being able to hang the gate – but it was worth all the work! The gate looks good and I’m sure it will be there for a number of years.

The Other Old Gate

The Second Old Gate

The Second New Gate

...and it's replacement.

It wasn’t possible to hang the second gate on the wal since the stones weren’t suitable, therefore we had to install oak hanging posts. It certainly wasn’t the easiest spot to install hanging posts since there was an old stone culvert running right through the middle of the gap.

The Traditional Gate

The Traditional Gate

This is the old traditional gate which design was copied for the new gates.