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The All Terrain Mobility Beast

14 June 2020

Warden Alan Pritchard and Larry Beale of Molten Rock Engineering test the capabilities of the Boma7 - an all-terrain wheelchair - in Cwm Idwal

A few weeks ago the Disabled Ramblers organised a ramble from the Ogwen centre towards Bethesda along the Lon Las cycle track, unfortunately due to the extreme and unseasonal weather the organisers decided to postpone the ramble until later in the year.

That was my first introduction to Larry Beale our local representative of Molten Rock Engineering who design and build the all terrain mobility beast (for lack of a better name) …… the Boma7. We discussed the capabilities of the machine and as always I’m up for a challenge and forever pushing the bounds questioned whether the Boma7 could make its way up to Cwm Idwal, a seed was sown and a couple of weeks later Larry dropped me an email and we arranged a test run in the first week of June.

It was with some trepidation when we set off from the Centre but I was aghast at how quickly the Boma7 ascended the first section of stone pitched path towards the gate into Cwm Idwal, it safely navigated the gate and bridge with a bit of deft and skilful driving by Larry who by now was up for the challenge.

Boma7 near Cwm Idwal

Larry Beale testing the capabilities of the Boma7 all terrain wheelchair at Cwm Idwal

Unfortunately, due to some technical problems the Boma7 wasn’t on top of its game … we concluded it was over heating but we managed to give it a good stern test. It’s important as a Warden service we know the capabilities of these machines and I must admit it’s the best yet, plenty of torque, very manoeuvrable and of course skilfully driven by Larry! In my humble opinion a resounding successful test drive.