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Report a Path or Access Problem

Have you been on a walk in Snowdonia recently and encountered a broken stile, overgrown path or stopped from using access land? As part of their day-to-day duties, our wardens look out for any potential problems like this and then work with the estate staff, volunteers and the local council to fix them.

You can help our wardens to fix these types of problems by logging an access enquiry or reporting a problem on our Rights of Way management system map (RoW map). Our wardens will investigate further and will help to sort out the problem.

It is important to note that the Snowdonia National Park Authority is not the designated Highways Authority and is therefore not legally responsible for the Public Rights of Way (PRoW) network including its furniture and surface. However, any complaint reports we receive will be passed on to the relevant Authority and landowner(s) for their attention.

How do I report a problem?

If you have encountered a problem on the PRoW in Snowdonia or have a general enquiry concerning the rights of way network and access in Snowdonia, please let us know

  • by logging your enquiry / problem on our interactive map
  • or call us 01766 770274. (Lines open 9am - 5pm Monday – Thursday, 9am - 4:40pm Friday)

How do I use the RoW map to report a problem?

To use the RoW map you must first register your details within the site, this enables us to contact you should we require further information. Registering also means you do not have to re-enter your details if you want to report more problems in the future. Personal information is required to follow up on the problems raised.

The details you provide will only be used for purposes associated with the management of the Rights of Way by Snowdonia National Park Authority. It is never passed onto to any third party and is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Please note that by registering you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions for the Snowdonia National Park Authority website and online mapping.

« Register and access the online RoW map

Once registered, a map of the park will open in your browser. Use the navigations tools to locate your problem on the map and the complaint tool to open the complaint form to log your problem.


Click Help to get help.

The RoW map, displays the PRoW for information purposes only. PRoW are recorded on a Definitive Map and Statement (a legal record of PRoW), which is held by the local council. Each path is classified according to who is allowed to use it and the public's rights along it. The precise line of a PRoW can only be determined by reference to the Definitive Map (1:10560 scales); the RoW path layer on the RoW map has been produced by digitising the Definitive Map. Snowdonia National Park Authority can accept no responsibility for any error or inaccuracy which may arise from the digitisation of the PRoW from the Definitive Map.

What happens next?

Your enquiry will be registered within 2 working days and assigned to a warden who will investigate the matter. The warden will prioritise the work required and will contact you within 10 working days of the enquiry being registered to notify you of the proposed course of action. Some matters are complex and not easily resolved, and may require action by other parties such as land managers and the local authority. This means that some reports will take longer to resolve than others.

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