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Parkland Trees Grant

Wood pasture and parklands usually consists of large trees, many of which are veteran or ancient, within areas of open grassland, although they can also be found within other habitats, such as heathland. They are important both historically and culturally as they are a remnant of an old custom whereby timber production and livestock grazing were undertaken on a single parcel of land. The timber was often produced using an ancient method known as pollarding whereby the crown was regularly cut at around eight feet high, above the browsing height of the stock below. This is why many of the veteran parkland trees we see today have the characteristic large open crowns.

In addition to their cultural importance, parkland trees offer variety in the landscape and are often used for shading by livestock due to the large nature of their crowns. They also benefit wildlife in various ways, including ideal habitat for nesting birds, and in providing migratory corridors for bats. They are also particularly important for fungi, lichens, mosses and invertebrates that are associated with veteran trees and decaying timber because they play an important role in recycling nutrients.

Woodland Trust Logo (© Woodland Trust)

Woodland Trust Logo (© Woodland Trust)

Parkland Trees (© SNPA)

Parkland Trees (© SNPA)

However, despite their importance, they are under threat for a variety of reasons. Factors affecting this habitat is Snowdonia are numerous, but include the lack of regeneration or planting of replacement trees, neglect leading to collapsing of the crowns, and diseases such as Dutch elm disease and ash dieback. As a result, they are now afforded protection in Wales under the provisions of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006).

In order to try and reverse the decline in this wonderful habitat, Snowdonia National Park Authority have teamed up with the Woodland Trust to provide a grant to landowners who wish to establish new parkland trees within Snowdonia. The grant will include:

  • A flat rate payment of £40 per tree towards the erection of a fenced stock exclosure
  • The supply of a native tree (UK sourced and grown) and tree guard, free of charge , by Coed Cadw/Woodland Trust

Please note that the grant is capped to 10 tress per applicant.

If you are interested in the grant, please fill the expression of interest form and return to Conservation, Woodlands and Agriculture Department, Snowdonia National Park Authority, Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd, LL48 6LF.