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Education and Research

Peatlands provide an amazing opportunity for engaging and informing the next generation about the wonders of the natural world, the importance of looking after our planet and ways of tackling important issues such as climate change. By working with students of all ages, from primary schools to university students, we hope to inspire young people to pursue new interests and spread awareness about the environment. Students also benefit from learning a range of applied skills and techniques commonly used in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), such as sampling methods, GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping and experimental design.

Are you interested in running a peatland session for your school? We can arrange a local school visit or share work sheets and classroom activities. Contact us for more information.

Primary schools programme

Our interactive classroom and outdoor sessions help children discover the wonders of peatlands and the important role they play, and cover a range of topics, skills and elements from the National Curriculum for Wales. Through fun, hands-on activities, pupils learn about topics such as the water cycle, food webs, history and climate change.

Gweithgareddau Dosbarth - Classroom Activities

Out on the peatland, the pupils get to experience the outdoors and what it’s like to be a real scientist, working in teams to measure the depth of the peat to guess how old it is, measuring drainage channels, and recording what plants they can find.

Watch the pupils of Ysgol Ysbyty Ifan hone their scientific skills in our joint session with Fferm Ifan here:

Secondary schools and GCSE

We are working with the Field Studies Council to develop a carbon module for secondary schools. We have created a case study of one of our restoration sites, teaching students GIS mapping skills to map erosion features, create a restoration plan and calculate carbon savings over 30 years.

Mapio GPS Mapping

Higher education and research

Our work with universities provides undergraduate students with real world examples of sustainable land management and the threats that face our natural resources, as well as an insight into careers in conservation. By visiting one of the best-studied blanket bogs in Wales – the Migneint-Arenig-Dduallt Special Area of Conservation – students learn about how peatland ecosystems form and function, and the issues affecting them. They also gain hand-on experience of sampling techniques and comparing the properties of different peatlands in different states, including quantifying carbon emissions using industry-standard methods.

Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Bangor University Students

Peatland restoration sites provide natural laboratories for answering a wide range of important research questions to help inform land management practices and policies, as well as advancing cutting-edge technologies and techniques.  Our Research Hub Co-ordinator based at Swansea University is helping to build research capacity in Wales, improve our understanding and expand research horizons by forging new collaborations and coordinating research efforts on a national scale.  Go to Monitoring and Evidence or Contact us for more information.