SNPA Strapline

Public Access

Waen Oer Summit

alt=Rhyd Ddu Path, Snowdon

Exclusions & Restrictions

The CROW Act also gave landowners and managers the right to exlude or restrict access when necessary for land management, nature conservation or in the interests of public safety.

Landowners and managers can restrict access, at their own discretion, for 28 days a year, though not on:

  • Bank Holidays
  • Christmas Day
  • Good Friday
  • More than four weekend days
  • Any Saturday from 1st June – 11th August
  • Any Sunday from 1st June – 30th September

They must notify the Snowdonia National Park Authority, which is the “Relevant Authority” under the Act, of these Exclusions and Restrictions, and the Authority must let the public know of their existence. This is done by placing the information on:

Natural Resources Wales

Landowners and managers can also apply to the Snowdonia National Park Authority for additional Exclusions and Restrictions. If the application is successful, the Authority will publicise its existence to the public on the same website.

Current Restrictions

There are Currently No Restrictions in Place.