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Terms of Reference (South)

1. The Local Access Forum shall be known as the Southern Snowdonia Local Access Forum.

Roles and Responsibilities

2. The function of the Southern Snowdonia Local Access Forum is to provide advice to the relevant local and National Park authorities, the Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and others as appropriate as to the sustainable improvement of public access to land in the area for the purposes of open-air recreation and the enjoyment of the area in ways which take account of land management, social, economic, environmental and educational interests.

3. The Southern Snowdonia Local Access Forum will fulfil this role by advising on issues of particular local relevance, including:

  1. supporting the implementation of the new right of access to open countryside;
  2. improving the rights of way network; and
  3. developing recreation and access strategies that cater for everyone, including disabled people.

4. The Southern Snowdonia Local Access Forum will work to:

  1. develop a constructive and inclusive approach to the improvement of recreational access to the countryside;
  2. respect local circumstances and different interests whilst operating within national guidance;
  3. provide advice on issues of principle and good practice;
  4. engage in constructive debate and seek consensus wherever possible; and
  5. where consensus is not possible, make clear the nature of differing views, and suggest how they might be resolved.


5. The membership will include:

  1. a Chair and Deputy Chair elected in accordance with the LAF regulations;
  2. a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 other members, which must include a balanced representation of i) recreational access users and ii) landowners and occupiers – together with representation of other interests including disabled people, and interests especially relevant to the area.

6. The membership will:
  1. be balanced to avoid dominance by any single interest group.
  2. represent a cross-section of interests in the area; and
  3. live or work within the area or have a sound knowledge of the area.

7. Members will be expected to:
  1. adhere to the sections relating to LAFs in the CROW Act (2000) and regulations and these Terms of Reference;
  2. show commitment to achieving the aims of the Local Access Forum through constructive working with other members;
  3. be able to devote the necessary time to attend meetings and to network outside meetings;
  4. have sufficient experience of access to the countryside in the local area to be able to make an informed and constructive contribution to improving access provision; and
  5. be capable of working with a wide range of interest groups.

Administration Secretariat

8. The Southern Snowdonia Local Access Forum will have a Secretary appointed by the appointing authority who will be responsible for:

  1. providing support to the chair of the Forum;
  2. ensuring that the Forum is set up and run according to the CROW Act (2000), Local Access Forum regulations and these Terms of Reference;
  3. managing any resources dedicated to its work;
  4. arranging and promoting meetings, including arranging the delivery of papers and information to Forum members and the public;
  5. producing minutes of Forum meetings.


9. Meetings will be held at least twice a year, and more frequently as and when necessary, to be agreed by the LAF and the appointing authority.

10. Meeting agendas will be agreed between the Chair, the Deputy Chair and the Secretary – although any member may suggest agenda items for consideration.

11. Meetings will be advertised in advance and the approved minutes published.

12. The Chair will invite observers/advisors to the meeting when appropriate.

13. Observers/advisors will be able to contribute to the proceedings at the discretion of the Chair.

14. One representative of each of the Natural Resources Wales and the National Assembly for Wales and any officer of the appointing authority will automatically have observer status.

15. If necessary, Local Access Forum committees will be set up by the Chair after agreement with the members.

16. The chairing, membership and terms of reference of committees will be agreed by the Chair and members.

17. All meetings of the LAF will be held in public in venues accessible to disabled people. However, the person presiding, following a request from member or members, may decide that the public should be barred for particular items for reasons of personal privacy or commercial confidentiality.

18. A Member must declare any personal interest in any Agenda item at the start of the meeting, and act in accordance with the Guidance Note on Personal Interests issued by the Appointing Authority.

19. Termination of membership will be considered at the 3rd consecutive meeting from which a member is absent, and confirmed at the 4th, subject to there being no approved or exceptional reasons for absence beforehand.